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About Us

COM SIMBA, is an office of business and communication which accompanies and supports Algerian and foreign companies in their national and international market prospecting.

Com Simba Mission,

Our Mission

COM SIMBA offers comprehensive solutions ranging from strategic thinking which includes the management, organization, marketing and communication model to logistical support (provides assistance to companies in their travels, search for partners, communication and promotion though the organization of events, the design and the production of communication tools etc…) And thanks to our strenght in setting up business relationships, COM SIMBA offers foreign companies various opportunities to develop their relations with Algerian Institutions, administrations, and companies.

Our vision,

Our Vision

Companies want greater insight into their own organization, more innovation and strategic deployment of available resources. Our ever-changing environment means there is a need to establish flexible and adaptable organizations that can quickly switch focus between growth and cost reductions. The specialization of our expertise and advisors guarantees you valuable support for developing or restructuring your business strategies, across a range of industries.

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